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If you want to add an Animal tattoo to your repertoire, you’re in the right place. After all, pass through Orlando, and you’ll spot plenty of recognizable animals—a mouse, chipmunk, donkey, rabbit—throughout the theme parks. And just as many—gators, heron, osprey—hanging out in Central Florida’s nature parks. So it just makes sense that the tattoo artists at Hart & Huntington Orlando are experts at Animal tattoos.

Before we discuss the different styles of Animal tattoos and the meaning behind these majestic creatures, let’s take a closer look at Animal tattoos and what they entail (pun intended).

Animal tattoos have been around since early civilization. Female mummies in ancient Egypt were found with tattoos of cows and baboons on their arms and neck. Our earliest ancestors strongly believed that animals and humans shared a spiritual connection and used Animal tattoos to symbolize specific characteristics. Fast forward to the 21st Century when people continue to get Animal tattoos as symbols of the  spiritual connection with animals or, let’s face it, because they just want to remember Fido for a long, long time.

If you’re considering an Animal tattoo, the first thing you want to do is narrow down the tattoo style. Here’s a look at the most common styles of Animal tattoos:

Realistic animal tattoos

The most common type of animal tattoo depicts a realistic portrait-like image of an animal.

Hybrid human/animal tattoos

Hybrid Human/Animal tattoos combine one part of the animal with a part of a human morphed together in an artistic expression of characterization.

Abstract animal tattoos

The sky’s the limit when you design an interpretation of an animal as you see it and turn it into an abstract piece of art.

Fine-line animal tattoos

Fine-line tattoos are one of the hottest trends to hit the tattoo industry. Delicate, fine lines, typically in black and gray ink, intricately come together to display a realistic animal.

These are just a few examples of Animal tattoo styles. Pair them with an animal you feel strongly connected to and you’ll have some pretty wild ink.

Not sure which animal you most relate to?  Here’s a look at the most popular Animal tattoos and their meaning.

Lion tattoos – Strength, courage, leadership

Tiger tattoos – Ferocity, fearlessness, sexual prowess, courage, pride

Wolf tattoos – Protection, family, rebirth, loyalty, intuition, instinct

Cat tattoos – Mysticism, mythical, superstition

Dog tattoos – Loyalty, devotion, protection

Snake tattoos – Adaptability, rebirth, transformation

Elephant tattoos –  Mercy, healing, love, family memories

Koi fish tattoos – Bravery, motherhood, success, rebirth

Panda tattoos  – Prosperity, good luck, harmonious and peaceful life

Owl tattoos – Knowledge, wisdom, mystical, supernatural, guardians

Pick a couple tattoo  styles and animals and set up a consultation with one of us. We’re always happy to collaborate on ideas.

Whether you call Orlando home or are just on your way to a thrill-seeking adventure, stroll through Universal CityWalk, grab a bite to eat, and stop into one of the coolest tattoo shops around.

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Like Animal tattoos?

Discover how we help our clients get their own Animal tattoo.

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