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Orlando Tattoo Artist JC's Own Tattoos

Everyone has a story - places they've been, people they've met and pain they've suffered. Orlando tattoo artist JC wears his life experiences as art and wanted to share some of his stories and how they came to be illustrated in ink.

Growing up in South Beach, JC got his first tattoo when he was 16 in Miami. Even though it wasn't mainstream at the time, his father had tattoos so JC decided to go for it! Most of JC's tattoos have a traditional Japanese background that he finds meaningful. While doing his own tattooing apprenticeship, many of the tattoo artists he admired practiced this style - he also loves that this style of tattoo looks better with age.

Individual tattoos have special meanings that remind him of what he was doing or feeling at different points in his life. He has hummingbirds on his sides representing his sense of freedom as well as a dagger near his throat from a hectic time in his life when he felt he had a death wish.

JC got several snake tattoos because he likes the way they move with his body. He was also born in 1977 - the year of the snake. He has a sacred heart keyhole on his chest, representing the act of keeping his heart safe and hoping someone will have the key to open it.

When JC was an apprentice, he had the great opportunity to work with a lot of highly talented artists. He'd collect work from those that he admired and would study their way of tattooing for his personal learning. Though he designed some of his own tattoos, most were designed by the other artists - he says that when you admire their work, you can simply tell a tattoo artist what you like and allow them to present their own drawing.

Even though many of JC's tattoos are done in similar styles, he has actually gotten a lot of work done on him by different artists, believing that it is an honor to tattoo or be tattooed by another artist. They know the business so it's very special - like tattooing someone in your family.

H&H Orlando tattoo artist JC is a real asset and we're honored to have him on the team. You can check out JC's work and learn more about his career in tattooing on his artist page. If you're interested in having tattoo work done in Orlando, you won't find an outfit with better atmosphere, talent, and passion for the art than H&H!