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Here in Orlando, we’re pretty lucky. Flowers bloom throughout the year. But as gorgeous as they are, they have nothing on the Flower tattoos created by our crazy talented artists at Hart & Huntington Orlando.

Flower tattoos are one of the most popular types of tattoos because they are rich in symbolism and look good with pretty much any tattoo design style out there. But hey, guys, before you stop reading, listen up. Flower tats aren’t just for the ladies. Some of the latest Flower tattoo trends are incredibly masculine. One being the Lotus Flower tattoo. Primarily done in black and gray ink with a tribal pattern interweaved, Lotus Flower tattoos look great on the upper arm.

Here’s a look at some trending and unique Flower tattoo design ideas to inspire your next ink.

Lotus flower tattoo design inspiration
Japanese-style Lotus Flower tattoos emerging from a murky pond. Done in black and gray ink with geometrical shapes, unshaded with pops of color.

Lotus flower tattoo meaning
Great for deep-thinkers who contemplate life. Signifies rebirth and enlightenment. Muddy waters represent perseverance and hope in all situations. Richly rooted in Buddhism.

Cherry blossom tattoo design inspiration
Watercolor style using fluidity to create a vibrant tattoo. Or, go the opposite direction with a Monochromatic tattoo resembling an artist’s sketch. Incorporate Japanese letters to make them more meaningful.

Cherry blossom tattoo meaning
Japanese Cherry Blossoms only bloom in the last weeks of March. Their incredible yet short-lived beauty is celebrated during the Hanami Festival. The Buddhist meaning of Cherry Blossoms signifies the fragility of life. These tattoos represent beauty, love, and loved ones who have passed.

Peony tattoo design inspiration
Since the Peony is named for Paeon, the Greek physician of the gods, athletes often incorporate their number or mascot along with the bloom. Peony tattoos look great in Fine-Line and Watercolor designs. Pair Peony tattoos with other symbolic designs for more meaning. Incorporating a Japanese-style dragon with a Peony signifies the balance between bravery and courage with grace and balance.

Peony tattoo meaning
Healing and protection for athletes. Represents masculinity, daring, bravery, love, and honor.

Flower tattoos are one of the most versatile tattoos around. Not only can they be done in various styles, giving each tat a different vibe, but they can be combined with other symbols—animals, numbers, scripting—to enhance the meaning.

Want to see what’s blooming in the tattoo world? Stop by Hart & Huntington Orlando or set up an appointment with one of our amazingly talented artists, who are always happy to bring your vision to life.

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Flower tattoos from our Orlando tattoo shop

Like Flower tattoos?

Discover how we help our clients get their own Flower tattoo.

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