Sketchy tattoos

From the drawing board

There are certain sketchy things you want to avoid—dark alleys, shady people, abandoned houses—and some sketchy things that are worth embracing—the Sketchy tattoo. If you're the type of person who jumps on the latest trends, the person your friends turn to for the hottest styles and up-and-coming spots, sketchy tattoos are for you. A modern tattoo technique, sketchy tattoos are organic and raw, and they’re becoming as hot as the Florida sun.

The contemporary technique artists use to create sketchy tattoos produces a hand-drawn image that looks like it was ripped from an animation desk at our nearby theme parks. Our tattoo artists have mastered the balance between primitive and realistic. Using skin as a medium requires extensive experience handling the machinery for great results. Bold shading drawn using the skin as negative space creates a gradient, soft sketch that mimics an incomplete yet definable piece of art. Trailing lines add emotion, as does black and gray ink. Sketchy tattoos generate a sense of movement and fluidity that resembles the natural process of creation.

One of the best things about sketchy tattoos is their infinite possibilities. They are strong enough to be used alone and yet adaptive enough to incorporate with other tattoo styles creating a truly unique piece of art. 

Here are some ideas to inspire your next ink.
Abstract sketchy tattoos

Adding sketch lines to abstract tattoos is visually appealing because it adds a realistic component to the shapes, sizes, and colors of an Abstract tattoo.

Watercolor sketchy tattoos

Applying Sketchy tattoo design styles brings life to a watercolor tattoo's multi-blurred, soft edges, resulting in perfectly balanced artwork. The styles simultaneously play off of and balance each other out.

Animal sketchy tattoos

Animal tattoos are a natural fit for sketchy tattoo design styles. Whether recreating a portrait of a beloved pet or choosing an animal with strong characteristics that resonate with you, blending the two styles produces jaw-dropping art.  

If you're thinking about getting a sketchy tattoo, schedule a consultation with one of our fantastic artists, who can walk you through the process. The only thing sketchy here at Hart & Huntington Orlando is our tattoos—and you’re gonna love them! And if you’re tired of standing in lines at the theme park, escape the hot Florida sun and check out our cool tattoo shop.

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Sketchy tattoos from our Orlando tattoo shop
Like Sketchy tattoos?

Discover how we help our clients get their own Sketchy tattoo.

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