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Unleash your inner gamer with Nintendo-inspired tattoos at Hart and Huntington Orlando

Ready to level up your ink game? At Hart and Huntington Orlando, we're merging the world of tattoos with the iconic universe of Nintendo as we gear up for the 2025 opening of Universal Orlando’s SUPER NINTENDO WORLD Whether you’re a die-hard Mario fan, a Zelda enthusiast, or a Pokémon master, our artists are here to bring your favorite characters and games to life on your skin. Get ready to unleash your inner gamer with tattoos that are as epic as the adventures you love.

Classic Characters, Timeless Ink

Dive into the nostalgia of your childhood with tattoos featuring Nintendo's most beloved characters. Imagine a Traditional Old-School Mario, complete with vibrant colors and bold lines, jumping out of your skin. Or, picture a fierce Bowser done in a Neo-Traditional style, blending classic tattoo elements with a modern twist. Our artists can transform the Mushroom Kingdom into a stunning piece of body art that you’ll cherish forever.

Epic Adventures in Ink

If you're more into epic quests, why not commemorate your love for The Legend of Zelda with a sleeve that captures the essence of Hyrule? From the iconic Triforce symbol to a detailed portrait of Link, our skilled tattoo artists can create a masterpiece that tells the story of your favorite adventures. Whether you prefer the minimalist elegance of a Fine Line Tattoo design or the dramatic flair of a full-color illustration, we’ve got you covered.

Catch ‘Em All in Style

Pokémon fans, rejoice! We offer a variety of tattoo styles to showcase your love for these pocket monsters. Opt for a cute, Watercolor Tattoo of Pikachu that adds a splash of color and whimsy to your collection, or go bold with a Traditional Tattoo of Charizard breathing fire. Our artists can craft anything from a single Poké Ball to an entire battle scene, ensuring your tattoo is as unique as your Pokémon team.

Mix and Match Your Favorites

Why settle for just one character or game when you can have a mash-up of all your favorites? Combine elements from Super Mario, Donkey Kong, Metroid, and more into a cohesive piece that celebrates the entire Nintendo universe. Our skilled artists at Hart and Huntington Orlando specialize in creating intricate designs that blend different styles and themes seamlessly.

Gear Up for Universal Orlando's Newest Adventure

With the grand opening of Super Mario Land at Universal Orlando just around the corner, there's no better time to show off your Nintendo pride. Get inked with your favorite characters and gear up for the ultimate adventure. Check out our blog for all the exciting details about Super Mario Land!

Get Your Game On

Ready to take the plunge? Book a consultation with one of our talented artists today and start planning your ultimate Nintendo-inspired tattoo. At Hart and Huntington Orlando, we’re all about turning your passion into a permanent piece of art that you'll proudly wear for life. Let's make your ink dreams a reality—game on!

From Traditional Old-School Tattoo designs to bold Neo-Traditional pieces, our team is here to bring your Nintendo fantasies to life. Step into our shop and level up your tattoo game with Hart and Huntington Orlando.

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Nintendo tattoos from our Orlando tattoo shop

Like Nintendo tattoos?

Discover how we help our clients get their own Nintendo tattoo.

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