Geometric tattoos

This isn't your high school geometry class! Geometric tattoos are a hot trend that started in 2010 and continue to gain popularity.

You'll know a Geometric tattoo when you see one. These tattoos have a Je ne sai quoi that draws you in and makes you want to know a little more. They're mesmerizing. Balanced. Intriguing.

Geometric tattoos use fine, precise lines, bold lines, geometric shapes, angels, grays, blacks, and even vibrant colors. Shapes and lines come together to create balance and symmetry like nothing you've seen before. Maybe it's because the patterns found in geometric tattoos are said to simultaneously appeal to both the right and left hemispheres of the brain. But if you think that geometric tattoos are just abstract art, think again. Our tattoo artists can use diamonds, ovals, circles, squares, triangles, rectangles, and lines to create organic shapes into everything from animals to sacred symbols. Play around with geometric shapes, and you'll unleash captivating designs. 
Here's a look at some of the most popular geometric tattoos:

Sacred Geometry Tattoos
Sacred Geometry Tattoos have a spiritual meaning and represent the foundation of life. Through the years, spiritual leaders, religions, and mysticism have given meaning to the shapes found in nature. Most people choose sacred geometry tattoos as a religious or cultural representation to bring balance to life, maintain health, or even ward off evil. Some of the most well-known sacred geometry shapes are the Tree of Life signifying spiritual growth and transformation; the Flower of Life thought to be the symbol of creation, and the Hexagram which is associated with Judaism, the heart chakra, and an ideal meditative state in Hinduism.

Geometric Mountain Tattoo
Geometric Mountain tattoos utilize triangles and represent adventure, resilience, and strength.

Geometric Animal Tattoos
Believe it or not, a skilled tattoo artist can utilize geometric shapes to create unique animal tattoos. Unlike portrait tattoos, many people choose geometric animal tattoos to draw from the animal's characteristics. For example, bears can represent courage while dogs symbolize loyalty or protection.

If you are looking for an inconspicuous tattoo, or this is your first tattoo, and you want something more subtle, small geometric tattoos are a great choice. They can fit anywhere on your body, from your wrist to your feet. 

Stop into Hart & Huntington and talk with one of our skilled tattoo artists. Find inspiration among some of the amazing tattoos they have created or chat with them about ideas that you have! 

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Like Geometric tattoos?

Discover how we help our clients get their own Geometric tattoo.

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