Matching Tattoos for Two

Born from a love of INK x ROCK x MOTO, H&H Orlando has many enduring passions and knows that nothing says forever like matching tattoos. Finger tattoos have many benefits that can't be matched by their metal mates and have carved out a niche among committed lovers of all kinds for their sensibility and style.

Consider the following aspects of matching tattoos when weighing the pros and cons of metal rings vs. finger tattoos:
  • Permanence. The hallmark of all tattoos! Lasting loves fit lasting expressions. By getting finger tattoos you're proving your commitment with one of the most famous methods available to symbolize the idea of forever.
  • Creativity. Design your symbols with more freedom than any metal can match. Your symbols could take the shape of traditional bands, personal images, monograms, Mr. and Mrs., a heart and a key, anything you can think of that best expresses your own unique union to each other.
  • Asset Protection. You won't lose this investment down a drain or in a garden. It can't be stolen. You won't take it off to do something sensible and then forget to put it back on, and if you lose or gain weight it resizes itself with ease.
  • Maintenance. No expensive jewelry cleaning necessary. You can forget all about the 6-month maintenance schedule…like you might have, anyway.

In fact, the only aspect of finger tattooing that isn't completely awesome in every way is the fact that tattoos on the hands and feet tend to fade faster than tattoos in other locations on the body due to being more exposed to daily friction.

But doesn't that sound like a rocking opportunity to renew your vows?

When you're looking for matching tattoos for two, look no further than H&H Orlando to help you design and execute your perfect expression of love and commitment with wedding tattoos, finger tattoos, or any other matching tattoos that fit your style and sensibilities. Talk it out with your better half and call us to schedule an appointment with one of our passionate tattoo artists!