UV Ink Tattoos - H&H Orlando

You’ve heard the hype about UV ink tattoos - tattoos that won’t appear in regular light, but under blacklights they’ll glow through your skin, seemingly making you able to go from career to nightclub without worrying about covering up your tattoos. Unfortunately, for now at least, the rumors are too good to be true.

UV tattoo inks are made in different ways, but the one thing they all have in common is the presence of unstable phosphorescent elements, which store energy and appear to glow under the right conditions.

UV ink tattoos will appear under blacklights, but they may also harden into plastic-like scar tissue beneath the skin through the process of polymerization. UV tattoos may also be rejected entirely, meaning the body will either absorb the ink totally or push it out through the skin.

Because UV ink is currently untested and is essentially placing an unstable element into a person’s body, H&H Orlando does not offer UV ink tattoos at this time. As a professional and safe establishment, we don’t practice trial and error on our clients, nor will we take chances with your personal health or safety. When the use of UV ink is deemed safe for the average person, we’ll be the first to offer you UV Ink tattoos right here in Orlando.