Top Tattoo Questions Answered by Orlando's Top Tattoo Shop

When you start thinking about getting a tattoo, especially if it happens to be your first, a lot of questions come to mind. Here at H&H Orlando, answering all of our customers’ tattoo questions is important to us. Which is why we've compiled our answers to the top tattoo questions.

Q: Can you shave over a tattoo?

A: If the tattoo has fully healed? Totally. If it's still new, then no, sorry.

A fresh tattoo is an open wound, so you should never shave over a tattoo until the skin has finished healing. With a new tattoo you should focus on keeping it protected while the skin heals. That means no shaving, never touching it without washing your hands first, do not scrub the area, and being generally careful with the site. Once the skin is healed completely, which can take 2-3 weeks, then it's fine to shave over it. Check out our tattoo aftercare page for more tips.

Q: Can you get tattoos over freckles? Does it look funny?

A: Of course you can tattoo over freckles.

Tattooing over freckles is completely possible and depending on the skin tone, the freckle color, and your ink choice, the result can be no different than tattooing on skin without any freckles. If you're still worried, ask your tattoo artist before you get started, so you know what kind of result you should expect.

Q: Can you tattoo over scars?

A: Varies depending on the scar and person

The answer to this question is personal to the individual. There's a lot to consider including the scar's age and type, as well as ink pigment, so it's wise to book a consultation with one of our artists beforehand. If your artist doesn’t think you’ll get the result you’re looking for by tattooing over your scar, he’ll likely be able to come up with an amazing design that can incorporate the scar into the tattoo, disguising it instead. Interested in learning more? We've got you covered in this article about tattooing over scars.

Q: How soon can you get a tattoo cover-up after getting a tattoo?

A: You should wait until the tattoo has completely healed.

Here at the H&H tattoo shop in Orlando, we work hard to make sure our customers love their ink, but people do come in asking if we can re-do work they got elsewhere and how soon that can happen. The surface of your tattoo usually heals in 2-3 weeks, but it might take up to 2 months for the tattoo to heal completely. Make sure to meet and check with your artist ahead of time, just to make sure the skin’s ready for a cover-up, so you’ll be good to go when your appointment day comes along.

Q: When can I go swimming?

A: Wait until your tattoo is completely healed – then jump in the pool.

A tattoo is an open wound which means you shouldn't get a lot of junk like chlorine or whatever is swimming in the ocean or lake in it. Hold off on swimming until it's healed, probably about 2-3 weeks depending on the person. Direct sunlight isn't great for a fully healed tattoo either, so make sure you put sunscreen on before hitting the waves.

Q: Does it hurt?

A: Of course it's going to hurt a little bit, but it's not bad and it's always worth it.

Everyone’s experience with getting a tattoo will be different, but H&H Orlando has a couple of advantages over other shops in terms of what it feels like including:

  • The best tools available in the business, from needles to machines.
  • The best artists in the nation, all trained to know exactly how to maximize effect and minimize discomfort.

Different areas of the body will feel different to get worked on, with “meatier” parts of the body – like thighs or calves tend to be more irritating than painful, according to many of our clients. The closer the skin sits to the bone, the more sensitive that area will be to get a tattoo. Long story short, the experience varies from person to person, but you can find a really comprehensive explanation as to what you should expect in this article about tattoo machines and the pain factor.

Because tattoos are a big decision, which you’ll have for the rest of your life, we definitely want to make sure you feel good about your choice of getting inked at H&H Orlando. We’re the premier tattoo shop in Orlando for a reason: we bring the very best artists to work with the highest standards of equipment and we take the time to answer all of your questions. Why? We want you to feel as good as your tattoo’s going to look!

You can call us with any curiosities or concerns you may have or to make an appointment. Or, if you’re in the area, just stop on by the shop, conveniently located in CityWalk at Universal Studios, Orlando, with free parking after 6pm if you're a Florida resident.