Welcome to the party

Meet Glen Goodman, a Hart & Huntington client with a zest for life as vibrant as his tattoos!

Just ask Glen where he grew up and you’ll instantly find out what kind of guy he is—pretty damn funny and a kid at heart.

I grew up in Brooklyn, New York, Long Island, or I still haven’t grown up. You can choose one of them.

His wife, Steph, seconds that.

Glen’s playful, childlike, and enjoys having fun.

One way Glen commemorates his good times, great memories, and those closest to him is with a tattoo. His latest ink, a penguin on his neck, solidifies the kid-at-heart persona as well as a memorable visit to SeaWorldⓇ. 

Glen's next tattoo

I absolutely loved the SeaWorldⓇ Penguin Encounter. There was this one penguin who would not leave me alone. We joked that I found a new wife.

Glen attributes his journey into the world of tattoos to his first wife. Flashback to 1985 at a tattoo shop on the Long Island boardwalk—a time when getting inked was as risky as the wild rides nearby and the clients were leather-clad bikers and free spirits, each with a story to tell and a fearless attitude to match.

The first time I got a tattoo, it was to commemorate my first marriage. My first wife drew the artwork, and my brother-in-law and I took it to a tattoo shop. The shop looked like everything I expected it to, except there weren't a bunch of bikers outside. I probably wouldn't have gotten it, if I wasn't with my brother-in-law. I think we were pretty drunk. I got the tattoo on my bicep, which looking back is a pretty good place to put your first.

Glen got another tattoo before hitting pause. After a long hiatus following the birth of his daughter, Glen returned to tattoos, viewing them through a new lens.

After taking a 30-plus year break from getting tattoos, I now look at them and think about the pivotal moments in my life.

As people get older, they don't think tattoos are for them, but I am commemorating the theme in my life—what's been important and what I thought about before I planned that tattoo.

It ties me back to what I call my most important fandom, which is my family.

While Glen knew he wanted to get back to tattoos as a way to document his life, he wasn't comfortable going to just any tattoo shop. So when his daughter showed him H&H Orlando's website, he knew he found a place where he would fit in.

Hart & Huntington didn't look like a normal tattoo shop; it was bright, it was gleaming, it was clean, and it seemed welcoming. I wouldn't be comfortable anymore in a traditional tattoo setting like the ones I went to growing up. 

Glen and Stephanie at H&H Orlando
H&H seemed different the moment I walked in, so I thought, ‘OK, let's do this.’

And he did. Now, Glen makes it a point to get to H&H two or three times a year when the family makes their trips from his current home in Virginia to Orlando. In fact, he already has two appointments on the books. In addition to the tattoos he’s collecting from H&H Orlando, he’s racking up some laughs, memories, and shenanigans.

These are the interactions that make H&H so unique—an incredible tattoo with a side of fun. So, be ready for a good time! But, the antics don’t overshadow the level of skill that the artists at H&H possess—they are some of the best in the industry.

Glen now has so many H&H tattoos he jokes that even when he passes, he'll be an advertisement for Hart & Huntington. After all, they helped him document his life.

Glen's leg tattoo
I tell H&H that when I am finished in this world, I will lie in the casket, and there will be a sign on the side of the casket artwork by Hart & Huntington.

That artwork celebrates everything from his Lord of the Rings and Supernatural fandoms, to his love of ice hockey and Korean dramas—all with special meaning behind them. He is even thinking about a Halloween Horror Night tattoo.

I need to plan for a Halloween Horror Night tattoo to remember how much fun we always have there.

Glen and his wife Stephanie

If you haven’t seen them, check out Hart & Huntington’s HHN tattoos. They’re pretty cool if we must say. And while the HHN tattoos may be spine–chilling, there's nothing terrifying about walking into H&H. In fact, it's quite the opposite.

This place (H&H) is a riot. It's funny, all the artists banter back and forth. I gotta give Steph (my wife) credit for saying, ‘It's like a tattoo and a show. There's this comedy show going on around you.’ Even when I've had work done, lying flat on my face in the chair, and there is limited interaction, I listen to what's happening and try not to laugh. I don't want to screw up what the artist is working on.

Anyone who is in the chair is part of the whole party.

Beyond the ongoing fiesta, the artists are here to help you decide on the perfect tattoo for you.

The artists at H&H will listen to what you want. So don’t be shy telling them. If they give you a sketch and you don’t like it tell them because they are trying to give you what you want and you don’t get that everywhere.

So when life gets too serious, channel your inner kid—errr Glen, and take a trip to Universal Orlando. While you’re there, stop into Hart & Huntington in CityWalk to get a first hand look at what makes this tattoo shop so special. It’s the perfect place to commemorate your favorite Orlando experience and become part of the H&H family.