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Tattoo Touch Ups and Refurbishments

Tattoos can fade, blur, and change for a variety of reasons. As skin changes over time, wrinkles, scars, and stretching can distort tattoos. Tattoos in locations that get a lot of action, like hands and feet, also tend to fade more quickly. The sun can also cause damage, changing a once vivid image into faded, lifeless ghost of a tattoo. Or, sometimes, a tattoo was just never finished or was done poorly.

Refurbishing a tattoo is the process of turning that old, faded, blurry, and/or bad tattoo into one that’s better and brighter. Refurbishing isn’t just a cover-up, it’s keeping the original tattoo design, just making it shine again. It’s often called “touching up” or “freshening up” and no one does Orlando tattoo refurbishing better than Hart & Huntington.

There are different levels of tattoo refurbishments. You may just want darker outlines, or to deepen up the blacks and colors. If a tattoo is unfinished, one of Hart and Huntington’s skilled tattoo artists can fill in the gaps, add detail, or incorporate new elements to make the tattoo look exactly like what’s in your mind.

In addition to having the best Orlando tattoo artists, Hart and Huntington has the technology to upgrade and touch up your tattoo. Technologically speaking, the ink and needles today are significantly more advanced than even 10 years ago, so if you’ve been putting off freshening up, postpone no longer. Give us a call.