Do it

The Tattoo Guide

Do it

It’s the big day. You know you’re ready if:

  • You’ve chosen a design or design inspiration
  • Have a consultation and paid your $175 deposit minimum with one of our artists
  • Have a government issued ID that proves you’re 18 or older
  • Have no scars or sunburn in the tattoo area
  • Have eaten something and have not taken blood thinners or had any alcohol prior to your appointment 

Once we get you comfortable, we’ll get to work. We’ll draw your design on you before we tattoo to make sure you’re happy with what we’re about to do. We’ll talk to you while we work so you feel like you’re part of the family, because you are. (Unless you ask us not to.) We’ll provide aftercare instructions so you know just what to do when you leave us. And you’ll be out-of-your-mind excited about your new tattoo. 

Once we get you comfortable, we’ll get to work.

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