The Valentine’s Day Curse

Ah, Valentine’s Day – what better time of year to express your love than now? And what better WAY to express that love than with a tattoo of your loved one’s name? For hard-core romantics and ink aficionados, Valentine’s Day might mean owning up to those three little words: Tattoo Cover Up. Fortunately, both are services H&H Orlando is more than happy to provide – here at the shop, we’re all too familiar with the Legend of The Valentine’s Day Curse – and after reading this article, you will be too!

The details of The Curse are as follows: supposedly, once you tattoo the name of your significant other on your body, you’re guaranteed to break up with that person. Can this be true, or is this merely a counter-saccharine campaign from the same bitter parties who invented Singles Awareness Day? Let’s explore...

Getting a tattoo of your lover’s name can seem like the perfect idea at the time – it’s romantic, it’s symbolic, and it saves a trip to that jewelry store with the obnoxious jingle. When your relationship is unique and special, stereotypical roses aren’t quite enough to convey your passion. A lot of people aren’t that in to chocolate. Ink is a seductively tempting way of expressing your love. However, for many couples, The VD Curse later translates into a permanent reminder of a painful mistake. (To clarify: “VD” stands for “Valentine’s Day,” not Venereal Disease.)

Getting a boyfriend or girlfriend’s name tattooed is not an unusual request for our artists, and many report inking at least 4 or 5 names in a week. However, on Valentine’s Day, artists often wind up tattooing several names in a single day. Fingers, ankles, wrists and lips are all fair game – as many ways as you can love someone, H&H can help you find a creative place to write their name.

Not surprisingly, many celebrities also fall susceptible to what’s known as the VD curse. Pamela Anderson has famously changed the name “Tommy,” which she wears on her ring finger, to “Mommy,” when the couple broke up. When they reunited, she had the tattoo changed once again, only to completely black it out during their most recent split. Angelina Jolie has replaced her tattoo of Billy Bob Thornton’s name with the coordinates of her children’s birthplaces, which take up quite a lot of skin. Johnny Depp has famously changed his “Winona Forever” tattoo (for Winona Ryder) to the simpler “Wino Forever.” Some couples prefer to get anonymous yet interlocking matching heart shapes, or Japanese characters bearing their lover’s names. Others, like Britney Spears and Kevin Federline, choose representative symbols such as his-n-hers pink or blue dice. (These were later laser-removed.)

On Valentine’s Day, love is in the air, emotions are overflowing, and couples want to celebrate their relationships. Fortunately, there are as many fun, unique tattoos as there are ways to cover them up. There might not be any Valentine’s Day Curse but there is a lot of effort in maintaining relationships. Don’t be afraid to love and don’t be afraid to express your love through art. Here at H&H, we’re proud to announce that both your body art and your relationship are safe from any would-be curse. It’s just a myth, and plenty of couples wind up inked (and linked) for life. H&H Orlando will be happy to help you find the perfect way to show your true feelings, whether it’s a name, a symbol, or a cover up to save you from the dreaded VD Curse!