H&H Orlando welcomes veteran Amy Nicoletto

Artists like Amy Nicoletto are rare.

Known around the country for her dynamic black-and-gray portraits and regular appearances on TLC’s LA Ink, her work is a happy marriage of boldness and intricacy. If you get the chance to meet her, you’ll find her tenacious spirit is tastefully blended with a genuine love for people and her craft.

Originally from New Jersey, Amy found her way into the tattoo scene back in 2005 after a promising career in the medical field. Soon, she would discover that her passion for the human body and her life-long love for drawing would eventually lead to her first tattoo apprenticeship.

After a couple years, she landed at American Electric Tattoo Company in Los Angeles. Between touring the country and making guest appearances at tattoo conventions, she’s thankful for the opportunity to learn from the best.

“I think as a tattooer you never stop learning. I think if you feel like you know everything, you should just stop. That just means you’re never gonna progress.”

Continual learning has always been a part of Amy’s story. Throughout her career, she’s surrounded herself with new challenges as a way to become a better artist. You could say it’s just a part of her personality to explore new territories and styles.

“It’s really hard to pinpoint my style in my tattoos unless you look at some of my portraits. I don’t think there’s really a ‘style’—I just tattoo what I see.”
“That’s why I like molding to different styles. I think it’s good for me.”

Of all the highlights throughout her career, none have been more rewarding than being able to travel the country and meet new faces at local shops. Even before several of her friends, including Peter Justice, landed jobs at H&H Orlando, she knew this place was special.

“If you know anything about me I’m a huge fan of Count Dracula. My whole house is like a shrine to him. And of course I love Harry Potter. So what better place could a tattoo shop be?”

Amy will be making a special appearance at H&H Orlando from July 15-28th. She’s looking forward to catching up with familiar faces and meeting new fans.

“It’s a really cool combination. It’s Hart and Huntington and Universal and all of the cool people that work there to learn from. I’m really excited.”

Be sure to stop by H&H Orlando to see Amy in action and book an appointment with her.