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The Dedication Needed for a Spectacular Script Tattoo – with H&H’s JC

Although a picture may be worth 1,000 words, sometimes just the words themselves are what’s needed. Script tattoos have long been popular to showcase a loved one’s name, a favorite poem, scripture, or saying. Hart and Huntington Orlando is lucky to have our very own script tattoo specialist, JC.

JC became interested in scripts 11 years ago when he began his tattoo apprenticeship. With a lot of time and practice, he says now even the most complex styles come easily and result in beautiful products.

His main focus has always been on his clients, though. During the consultation, JC takes the time to really discuss the meaning behind the words and what the client is looking to get from the tattoo. It’s JC’s belief that when a word or phrase is important enough to a person to have it on his or her body as art, that the script tattoo artist should approach it with respect and try to understand the person behind the words. Oftentimes he’s able to glean what he needs without the client even knowing fully themselves!

When he sits down to sketch, JC takes in all the information and simply lets it flow though his fingers onto the paper. The whole thing is “like magic,” he says, and is one of the most enjoyable parts of the tattoo process. His understanding of the process and talent for art really shine through when he presents his sketch to the client and it’s accepted straightaway.

For artists who are looking to get into script tattoos, JC’s advice is often heard but just as true as the first time it was uttered, practice makes perfect. Dedication and repetition will eventually yield the results you seek.

For anyone who wants to work like JC, though, you’ve got to give it all you’ve got, through every talk, sketch, and script.