From scares to skin art

Get ready for some Halloween fun at Halloween Horror Nights and Hart & Huntington Tattoo Shop

Summon your scream squad and head to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando for 10 terrifying haunted houses, five sinister scare zones, outrageous live entertainment, and exhilarating attractions.

As your heart races with anticipation for the spine-chilling experiences that await you at HHN, remember that the terror doesn't have to end when the night is over. Before or after your encounter with the supernatural, why not make a bold statement of your fearlessness? Swing by Hart and Huntington Tattoo Shop Orlando at CityWalk—the ultimate destination for ink enthusiasts—for a Halloween surprise!

Whether you want to commemorate your HHN adventure or add some extra edge to your style, our talented tattoo artists can create some pretty eerie ink inspired by your favorite scares. And if you don’t live in Orlando, head to your favorite H&H Tattoo Shop and let them design a Halloween-inspired tattoo…if you dare.

Here's a sneak peek into Halloween Horror Nights 2023.

10 chilling haunted houses

Stranger Things 4

Do you have what it takes to stand up to demogorgons, demobats, and even Vecna himself within his blood-red Mind Lair? Try to make it out before you succumb to his deadly curse.

The Exorcist: Believer 

This spine-chilling continuation of the iconic horror franchise introduces a fresh dose of demonic terror to keep you up at night.

The Last of Us

Embark on a harrowing journey through the chaos of Pittsburgh, where a fungal virus transforms humans into a new and terrifying threat, the infected.

Universal Monsters: Unmasked

Try to survive the streets of Paris as you come face to face with iconic characters from the Universal Monsters canon, including The Phantom of the Opera, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and Dr. Jack Griffin, aka The Invisible Man.

Chucky: Ultimate Kill Count

Step into a living slaughterhouse inspired by cult classics and the hit USA & SYFY series, where Chucky, the killer doll, is on a relentless mission to eliminate every visitor.

Dr. Oddfellow: Twisted Origins 

Join a demented, late-night circus led by an evil ringmaster and notorious icons, all seeking human souls to fuel their dark intentions. Will you be the next victim?

Dueling Dragons: Choose Thy Fate

Find yourself in a battle between two warlocks turned dragons, where you must choose this chilling twist on a familiar tale.

YETI: Campground Kills

Travel back to the 1950s, deep within mountain trenches, where bloodthirsty yetis have returned with a vengeance.

The Darkest Deal 

Uncover the grim cost paid by musician Pinestraw Spruce, who traded his soul for musical fame, as you navigate the dark side of stardom.

Bloodmoon: Dark Offerings    

A colonial cult seeks to slaughter those who dare refuse to worship the Blood Moon at their ominous fall festival. What will your fate be?

Five daunting scare zones

As the sun sets in Orlando, and you make your way from house to house, swarms of scare actors lurk amid the fog-filled streets of the Universal Studios, eagerly seeking out unsuspecting guests in five spine-tingling scare zones.

You'll come face to face with an enigmatic legend who tantalizingly promises immortality to those who dare to step into the unsettling realm of Dr. Oddfellow's Collection of Horror.

Brace yourself for a hair-raising encounter as the signs of the zodiac spring to life, transformed into terrifying horoscope creatures by the uncanny powers of Dr. Oddfellow in Dark Zodiac.

Embark on a chilling expedition into the Jungle of Doom, where Dr. Oddfellow's unsettling experiments meld elements of nature and animals, birthing savage jungle creatures with insatiable appetites.

Try to make your way out of a music festival infiltrated by ravenous vampires, set loose by the sinister machinations of Dr. Oddfellow in Vamp '69: Summer of Blood.

Then, wander into the ominous domain of Dr. Oddfellow, where you'll stumble upon forsaken crates and cages that once held a menagerie of monsters. Now, these creatures have broken free, seeking to sow chaos in Shipyard 32: Horrors Unhinged.

When you need a break from all the fear, check out HHN's pyro and aerial stunt show, "Nightmare Fuel Revenge Dream," or grab a bite at the Dead Coconut Club before returning to the ominous streets of HHN.

Once you've battled demogorgons and confronted the darkest demons, the haunting experiences of HHN will stay etched in your memory. And with a visit to our tattoo shop, you can ensure they stay etched on your skin as well.

This Halloween season, let your courage shine through, both in the face of fear and the bold choice of ink that tells your unique story. So, go ahead—immerse yourself in the world of spine-chilling entertainment, and then commemorate your bravery with a tattoo that will keep the spirit of Halloween Horror Nights alive all year long. It's a thrill ride for the ages, and we're here to make sure you remember it forever.