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Rebels with a cause.

Hart & Huntington founder Carey Hart created Good Ride, an awesome motorcycle charity that benefits the heroes who’ve served our country. Along with group rides, the foundation holds auctions to raise money. But it’s Carey Hart, so you know we’re not auctioning off fruit baskets. 

This year, Hart has commissioned custom Indian Motorcycle gas tanks, painted by some of Hart & Huntington’s most talented artists. In the collection, is the work of Adam Natonio in Orlando, who created a Star Wars scene that is truly one-of-a-kind.

“When I was asked to do it, it was a no-brainer. I wanted to get back into painting and I will do anything that helps raise money for a good cause.”

The Star Wars theme was inspired by 8-year old Adam’s childhood bedroom. 

I always loved Star Wars. My bedroom growing up had the wallpaper, the bedsheets, all that awesome 80’s Star Wars stuff. I watched all the movies with my parents and Harrison Ford is still one of my favorite actors.

This piece depicts the Rebels coming in and destroying the Republic. It’s a mix of old movies and new and just an overall tribute to arguably one of the biggest sagas of all time.

It wasn't an easy project, as Adam had some scheduling challenges, unfavorable weather and a near impossible deadline. But he killed it, finishing it at 5:30am one morning. 

Check out the process from start to finish:

Some members of the Good Ride Foundation will have the chance to bid on it at an upcoming private event in California. Here’s a message for the lucky winner from Adam:

Be careful with it, hahaha. No, but really, I hope you enjoy the work that went into it, it’s a custom piece and no one will have anything like it.

For those attending the event, best of luck at the auction. If all else fails, use the force.